Computer Science

GCSE Revision

AQA GCSE - Computer Science

The Computer Science Internal Assessment with consist of:

  • Paper 1 - Computational thinking and problem-solving

  • Paper 2 - Written assessment

Computer Science Specifications

Paper 1

  • Representing Images

  • Converting Between units (e.g. bits to bytes)

  • Logic Gates and Truth Tables

  • Searches (Linear and Binary)

  • Sorts (Merge and Bubble)

  • Data Types e.g. Integer, String etc

  • Programming Languages High and Low

  • Develop algorithms using Pseudocode

  • Trace Tables

  • Functions and Procedures
    (Can you trace through both using parameters)

Paper 2

  • Binary and Hexadecimal

  • Binary Addition Binary Shift

  • Converting Between units (e.g. bits to bytes)

  • Representing Sound

  • Compression and Compression Algorithms (RLE & Huffman)

  • Von Neumann Architecture

  • Components of the computer Inc. CPU, Primary and Secondary storage

  • Software (Application, Operating Systems, Utility)

  • Networks

  • Security

  • Social Engineering

  • Social, Legal, Ethical

Computer Science Revision Resources

  • CGP Computer Science Revision Cards are available from CCHS via Parent Pay