Further Maths

GCSE Revision

AQA Further Maths GCSE

The Further Maths GCSE consists of two exams - each 1hr 45mins:

  • Paper 1 Non-Calculator Exam - Wednesday 8th June (PM)

  • Paper 2 Calculator Exam - Wednesday 22nd June (PM)

Further Maths Specifications

Topic List

  • Index Laws

  • Manipulation of surds, including rationalising the denominator

  • Solutions to linear and quadratic equations

  • Equation of a straight line, including parallel and perpendicular

  • Factor Theorem

  • Binomial expansion

  • Multiplication of matrices and combining for transformations

  • Multiplication of matrices by a scalar

  • Coordinate geometry of circles - using the equation of a circle

  • Finding the tangent and normal at a point on a circle

  • Circle Theorems

  • Domain and range of a function

  • Compound functions

  • Use of differentiation to find maxima and minima

  • Pythagoras' Theorem

  • Trigonometry in triangles

  • Trigonometric identies

  • Sequences - linear and quadratic

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