Triple Science

GCSE Revision

AQA GCSE Triple Science

The Combined Science Internal Assessment with consist of three exams - 1hr 45min for each exam:

  • 1 x Biology Exam - Friday 10th December (AM)

  • 1 x Chemistry Exam - Tuesday 14th December (AM)

  • 1 x Physics Exam - Wednesday 15th December (PM)

Triple Science Specifications

These are the topics that you will be assessed on

Biology - Paper 1 - Fri 10th December

  • Photosynthesis
    o Limiting factors of photosynthesis

  • Gaseous exchange in animals and plants

  • Cell transport

  • Cell structure
    o Prokaryotes and Eukaryotes

  • Cell cycle and cell division

  • Enzymes

Biology - Paper 1 (Cont.) - Fri 10th December

  • Food tests

  • Plant disease and defence
    o Deficiency diseases

  • Non-communicable diseases
    o Lifestyle factors – alcohol

  • Monoclonal Antibodies

  • Drug development

Chemistry - Paper 1 - Tue 14th Dec

  • Development of the atomic model
    o Separating mixtures

  • Development of the periodic table
    o Halogens

  • Structure and Bonding

  • Relative atomic mass
    o Law of conservation of mass

o Atom Economy

o Limiting reactants

o Volumes of gases

Chemistry - Paper 1 (Cont.) - Tue 14th Dec

  • Chemical changes
    o Displacement reactions

o Metals and the reactivity series

o Redox reactions

  • Electrolysis

  • Energy changes
    o Endothermic reactions
    o Energy profile diagrams

  • Titrations

Physics - Paper 1 - Wed 15th Dec

  • Circuits
    o Resistance

o I-V characteristics

o Thermistors

o Equations

  • Power

  • Mains electricity
    o Safety

  • Particle model of matter
    o Density

o States of matter

o Pressure

Physics - Paper 1 (Cont.) - Wed 15th Dec

  • Renewable energy resources

  • Fossil fuels

  • Speed and acceleration
    o Using light gates

  • Radioactivity
    o Fission and fusion

o Half-life

  • Energy
    o Gravitational Potential Energy

o Specific heat capacity